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Alcohol Burning Fire Bowls: Cost and Energy Efficient

Looking for an energy-efficient way to have a fire in your backyard without putting too much pressure on your wallet? Look to one of Starfire Direct’s alcohol burning fire pits.

Not just environmentally friendly and inexpensive, these fire bowls are portable and designed to fit on your deck, patio, courtyard, or even indoors.

Look into one of Starfire Direct’s ethanol fire pit bowls to add ambiance to your backyard or patio.


Ethanol Fire Bowl Features

  • Free-standing and portable
  • Available for outdoor and indoor use
  • Great for pool decks, courtyards, patios, and more
  • Every alcohol fire bowl can use clean-burning bio-ethanol fuel
  • All makes are ventless — no chimney or flue required
  • Free shipping on all ethanol fire pit bowls
  • All models typically ship between 7 and 10 days

Browse our selection to see which model best suits your preference. Our customer service team is here to help, so give us a call at (866)-578-8538 x3 today!

Ethanol Fire Bowl Finish Options

Our EcoSmart Fire Pit Bowls are available in:

  • Black
  • Natural Concrete
  • Core Ten (A rust-like color)
  • And more!


All of our EcoSmart fire pits include:

  • AB Series Bio-Ethanol Burners
    • Made of the finest 304 stainless steel
    • Each piece laser cut to ensure seamless assembly
    • Deep-draw fabrication process eliminates potential for dangerous leaks
  • Jerry Can
    • 1.25 gallon capacity container comes standard with EcoSmart Fire burner
    • Allows for easy and safe refueling method
    • Equalizing between the burner and Jerry Can prevents over-fueling
  • Lighter and Lightning Rod
    • Extendable lighting rod allows you to light burner while remaining at a safe distance
    • Enables you to regulate or extinguish flame while keeping hands a comfortable distance from the flame
  • Outdoor Fireplace Cover
    • Tailor made from high quality and weather resistant fabric  
    • Form fitting and designed specifically for EcoSmart product line

To learn more about our fire pit bowl accessories, watch this EcoSmart Fire Burner Kit video.

What is Bio-Ethanol Fuel?

All of Starfire Direct’s alcohol burning fire pits are environmentally friendly and designed to be used with denatured bio-ethanol fuel.

Bio-ethanol or simply 'ethanol' is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products. Burning ethanol produces no smoke and no mess. It also requires no vent or chimney. Even better, it is clean burning and does not create any harmful emissions.

Not all bio-ethanol fuel is created equal. For optimal results, we recommend using E-nrg Ethanol fuel with your ethanol fire bowl.

Purchase an Ethanol Fire Bowl Today

If you are looking to refine your outdoor space while also being energy-efficient, choose an alcohol burning fire bowl from Starfire Direct.  

As we say: no soot, no smoke, no hassle. Shop our ethanol fire pit selection online and see which option is best for you.