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Fire Glass at - All Colors - American Fireglass Partner

What type of Fire Glass should I use?

The first place to start with any fireplace or fire pit project is to ask yourself “What design look am I going for?” and “How do I achieve that goal accurately and efficiently?” For any new propane or natural gas burner project, the desired aesthetic must be carefully considered. Different styles of fireglass offer different finished results. With that in mind, here are some brief descriptions of the different types of fire glass we offer.

Available Fire Glass Sizes and Types

1/4” Fireglass (small pieces)

Our most popular style of fire glass is ¼”, which starts off as a ¼” sheet of tempered glass. Once processed, the result is smaller, yet more vibrant colored fire glass. The one-quarter inch small type of glass is best for most projects because it offers the largest selection and richest colors. This leads to a more dramatic effect for your fire pit or fireplace. Most of the ¼” fire glass colors are offered in a “reflective” or “non-reflective” option. The difference is the reflective fire glass starts off with a sheer polish that creates more shine and sparkle versus non-reflective fireglass. Both offer reflective characteristics, as all glass shines. However, reflective fireglass is considered a more sought after premium product. Mixing colors in warm hues like red, orange, yellow, and copper can really add warmth and design to any fire feature. This fireglass tends to be the most popular style for a clean and modern design.

1/2” Fireglass (medium pieces)

Our ½” sized fire glass is quickly becoming as popular as the ¼” style. Half inch fire glass starts off as a ½” sheet of tempered glass. Once processed, the result is larger, chunky fire glass. Since the pieces are larger, the color is not quite as vibrant as the ¼” style, but the size contrast is much bolder. One-half inch glass is best suited for larger fire features since its size compliments well. It also tends to work about 20% more efficiently with propane gas, since the propane has an easier time burning thru the larger chunks. Most of the half inch fire glass is offered in reflective and non-reflective options. The three-dimensional aesthetic lends itself to more texture and variation. Mixing cool colors in hues of green, blue, purple, and gray allows for an eye-catching fire feature that looks great near any water feature or pool.

Eco Glass (medium pieces)

Eco Glass is first of all earth friendly. This fire glass comes from the drop of new tempered sheets, which otherwise would go to landfills, is melted down with different oxides to give it the rich color. Eco Glass is best described as jelly bean shaped fireglass. Since it’s semi-recycled, the price is a little less than typical fire glass. So if you are on a tight budget or just looking for something different, Eco Glass is a great choice. Starfire Direct recommends this fireglass for outdoor firepits or indoor fireplaces. These glass chunks can be sprinkled over the top to magnify and reflect the different colors or styles beneath them or used alone to completely replace existing fake gas logs or for any new installation.

Liquid Fireglass & Firebeads (large pieces)

The larger style of Liquid Fireglass or Firebeads is for the most dramatic and artistic use in any hearth. These styles are round in shape and most resemble a “squashed marble”. To highlight this unrivaled feature of your fireplace or firepit, showcase your design aesthetic with non-melting tempered fireglass. Many of these styles tend to look “wet” when burning, which offers a great appearance. While the other types lend themselves to contemporary fire features, this size acts more like tiny fire-proof windows looking into the heart of your flame. Blend warm colors and sizes of glass to create the fireplace or fire pit of your dreams!

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About our Fireglass

Starfire Direct specializes itself in making quality products available to the public. Though there are many words for Fireglass, we use this term because it most accurately reflects the product. Other terms include fire pit glass, fireplace glass, fire crystals, flammable glass, and lava glass. Regardless of the name, all of the fire glass here is safe to use with Natural Gas or Propane by design. Fireglass addition to an existing gas fireplace or pit has been a leading design trend in the US for over twenty years. Fireglass is designed to artistically mask the housing of gas burners and jets while reflecting light and heat produced from their flame. Fake ceramic logs or large lava rocks are often used in this stead, but are common and sometimes uninteresting. When non-flammable, melt-resistant fireglass was introduced to the public as an alternative, the product took off. Now available in a rainbow of colors, fireglass is tumbled to remove any sharp edges to it’s not dangerous to handle.

The use of stones and ceramic logs in home design for gas fireplaces is a very old practice. It was adopted because of the conductive properties of the ceramic in radiating heat more efficiently from the flame. The flame itself is usually unattractive when presented naked from it’s jet. Fireglass works more effectively as a design choice than lava rocks or ceramic logs in two ways; the first is that fireglass is more efficient in radiating this heat broadly without losing as much energy because of the compact air pockets between glass pieces superheating the glass around them. The heat from the glass feeds the heat from these pockets, which feeds the heat in the glass. This means a much smaller gas bill for the homeowner compared to traditional design thinking of using logs or rocks. The same elevated room temperature is achieved though less effort due to reduced heat loss up the chimney rather than in the room. The second efficiency is that ceramic logs or lava rocks tend to have gaps in their aesthetic coverage of the gas jets. When approached closer than a few feet, the jets usually become visible and apparent. Using fireglass, the jets themselves are covered while lending a posh and modern appearance different from the norm. When not lit, the fireglass is just as aesthetically pleasing as when it is without seeming like a placeholder. This is something not shared by ceramic logs or lava rocks.

The public can easily find high quality fireglass is available from Starfire Direct. Our fireglass has been tempered and specially treated to resist melting and prolongued exposure to high temperatures. Glass size ranges from ¼” to 2” to keep the surface areas small. Larger sizes risk cracking, popping, or exploding, so Starfire Direct enforces our personal standards our product to keep our customers safe.

Unlike traditional fire sources, Fireglass does not emit fumes, chemicals, soot, and guarantees a longer, clean-burning flame because of it. Depending on maintenance and treatment, some fireplaces and pits might never need glass changing during the duration of the unit’s lifetime. Glass comes in different sizes and shapes as well. Smoother pieces have a dreamier quality to them while reflective glass adds a different dimension to the sparkle. Mixing different types of fireglass yields a personalized look unique to your home.

Starfire Direct is always updating our website with new options, so if you don't see what you need or need help selecting the right fittings & parts for your project, contact our Starfire Direct customer service department at (866) 578- 8538