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Electric Fireplaces

Who doesn’t love an evening spent sitting around a cozy fireplace? A fireplace not only makes a beautiful addition to any home, it also creates opportunities for family and friends to gather close to one another and share a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, fireplaces can be expensive and inconvenient to install. However, electric fireplaces are efficient and easy-to-use, making them great options for those interested in adding a fireplace to their home.

If you love curling up by the fire with a good book, or want to add some warmth to your cocktail hour, consider an electric fireplace from Starfire Direct. Our fireplaces are both elegant and practical, and come in a variety of designs and styles so that you can select the options that best suit the interior of your home.

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Reasons to go Electric

Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular in homes all throughout the United States. Many people choose to go electric to avoid the soot and smoke associated with other fireplaces. In addition, indoor electric fireplaces are easy to use and install, allowing you to set up your fire in a matter of seconds.

Electric fireplaces are also easier to customize than the more traditional fireplaces. At Starfire Direct, we offer mantel, wall-mount, and fireplace insert designs in a variety of styles and colors. This allows you to be flexible in your design, and find the best fireplace for your particular space. These fireplaces are also easier to maintain and control. Rather than poke away at a fire built in a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace gives you complete control with just a few buttons.

Dozens of Design Options

A fireplace does more than simply provide warmth; it helps to enhance a room’s ambiance. That’s why we provide our customers with dozens of indoor electric fireplace options in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. Our designs include:

The Ashley Entertainment Mantel and Electric Fireplace

This beautiful and award-winning fireplace adds warmth and comfort to any room of the house. The sleek and modern design makes it a popular choice for families and adults looking to enhance the look of the overall room, while still providing practical fireplace warmth. Go for the simplicity of the Ashley fireplace to focus on the simple beauty of a warm fire. If you’re looking for a an electric fireplace that doubles as a piece of furniture, the Ashley entertainment mantel is a phenomenal choice. The shelves and inserts create opportunities to display art pieces, books, and family memorabilia, and the firebox gives a vivid and bright display.

Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

If you’re looking to save space, the real flame chateau corner electric fireplace is a wonderful option. This beautiful fireplace fits perfectly in any unused corner of a living space, adding a new level of warmth into your home. The simple yet beautiful design of this electric fireplace also enables it to work with a variety of interiors. The ultra-bright LED technology gives the fire a realistic look without the hassle of setting up and maintaining a traditional fire. In addition, the remote control gives you control of your fire’s temperature and brightness. The design is perfect for those looking to add warmth into that empty corner of the room.

The Torrence Electric Fireplace

For those looking for a natural and unique home fireplace, look no further than the Torrence electric fireplace. This design features a cinder stone fireplace mantel that adds elegance into any room of the house. Don’t be fooled by the traditional styling. This fireplace offers all modern technological features that make an electric fireplace an ideal choice for comfort and safety.

Find the Perfect Electric Fireplace for Your Home

We offer these designs and more. Contact us today for more information on how you can bring the comfort of an electric fireplace into your home.