BBQ Grills

BBQ Grills

  1. 24" Built-In "L" Series Grill

    24" Built-In "L" Series Grill

    Item: 24NBL-X

    MSRP $1,823.00

    Our Price $1,549.55

    You Save $273.45 (15%)
  2. 36" Portable "T" Series Grill

    36" Portable "T" Series Grill

    Item: 36XCT

    MSRP $2,933.00

    Our Price $2,493.05

    You Save $439.95 (15%)
  3. 36" Portable "L" Series Grill

    36" Portable "L" Series Grill

    Item: 36XCL

    MSRP $2,933.00

    Our Price $2,493.05

    You Save $439.95 (15%)
  4. Aurora A830i Built-In Gas/Charcoal Grill

    Aurora A830i Built-In Gas/Charcoal Grill

    Item: A830i-XXXX-CB

    MSRP $5,123.00

    Our Price $4,354.55

    You Save $768.45 (15%)
  5. Aurora A790i Built-In Grill

    Aurora A790i Built-In Grill

    Item: A790i-6XXX

    MSRP $5,174.00

    Our Price $4,397.90

    You Save $776.10 (15%)
  6. Aurora A660i Built-In Grill

    Aurora A660i Built-In Grill

    Item: A660i-XXXX

    MSRP $4,138.00

    Our Price $3,517.30

    You Save $620.70 (15%)
  7. Aurora A540i Built-In Grill

    Aurora A540i Built-In Grill

    Item: A540i-XXXX

    MSRP $3,840.00

    Our Price $3,264.00

    You Save $576.00 (15%)
  8. Aurora A530i Built-In Grill

    Aurora A530i Built-In Grill

    Item: A530i-XXXX

    MSRP $3,501.00

    Our Price $2,975.85

    You Save $525.15 (15%)
  9. Aurora A430i Built-In Grill

    Aurora A430i Built-In Grill

    Item: A430i-XXXX

    MSRP $3,105.00

    Our Price $2,639.25

    You Save $465.75 (15%)
  10. 30" Charcoal Smoking Stand Alone Grill

    30" Charcoal Smoking Stand Alone Grill

    Item: 24-SX01C-61

    MSRP $3,914.00

    Our Price $3,326.90

    You Save $587.10 (15%)
  11. 24" Portable "L" Series Grill

    24" Portable "L" Series Grill

    Item: 24XCL

    MSRP $2,434.00

    Our Price $2,068.90

    You Save $365.10 (15%)
  12. 30" Portable "T" Series Grill

    30" Portable "T" Series Grill

    Item: 30XCT

    MSRP $2,698.00

    Our Price $2,293.30

    You Save $404.70 (15%)

Starfire Direct has a huge selection of Barbecue Grills for Sale, including:

  • Electric
  • Built-in
  • Charcoal
  • Freestanding
  • Portable

With such a variety of barbecue grills for sale to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for your patio setup.

Electric BBQ Grills

Electric grills are best if you live in a small apartment and would like to grill on the balcony. They are also good for anyone who wants to easily move the grill indoors during bad weather. Starfire Direct proudly offers the E250T electric BBQ grill, a portable, easy-to-use grill that only requires an electric socket to operate. Some people enjoy old-fashioned grilling with charcoal, but if you like things quick and simple, this is the grill for you. It reaches temperatures of 725° F and comes with a digital thermometer, double-walled lid, and a meat probe.

Built-in BBQ Grills

Built-in BBQ grills are ready to go when you need them. Starfire Direct presents the Aurora A530I Built in Grill, which runs on affordable natural gas or propane. If convenience and efficiency are two qualities you like in an outdoor kitchen BBQ, search no more.

Easy-to-use and environmentally sound, the Aurora A530I grill features 528 square inches of grilling space and creates up to 60,000 BTUs of heat. It has the option of adding an additional infrared burner, which will increase the heating capacity even further.

Charcoal Grills

If you can’t get enough of that charcoal flavor, the 30″ Charcoal Legacy Built-in Smoker Grill will be an amazing addition to your patio. You’ll love the convenience adjustable charcoal pan, and once you get a taste of the flavors created by the smoker feature, you’ll probably want to grill out every night!

The clean lines of the stainless-steel design offer a modern take on the classic charcoal BBQ grill, making the Charcoal Legacy perfect for any backyard design theme. If grilling has always been popular in your family, it will help take your grill skills to the next level! If not, start a new tradition with this wonderful outdoor BBQ grill. On top of being fun, charcoal is also an affordable option for grilling.

Starfire Direct: Your One-stop Shop for Grills and Fire Products

We have years of experience providing affordable and high-quality grill, fire, and hearth products to our loyal customers. Our work is featured in some of the finest homes and businesses all across the country, and our team is prepared to stop at nothing to help you find the grill of your dreams. Whether you’d a small grill or a larger, built-in variety, we are here to help! Please contact us today if you have questions about our products or services. You can reach us online or call us at (866) 578-8538.