Electric Grills

Electric Grills

  1. Electric E250t Countertop Grill

    Electric E250t Countertop Grill

    Item: E250t-1Z1E

    MSRP $1,371.00

    Our Price $1,165.35

    You Save $205.65 (15%)
  2. Electric E250s Patio Post Mount Grill

    Electric E250s Patio Post Mount Grill

    Item: E250s-1Z1E-P6

    MSRP $1,733.00

    Our Price $1,473.05

    You Save $259.95 (15%)

Electric BBQ grills offer:

  • Lots of convenience
  • Affordable prices
  • The ability to cook food evenly
  • Easy temperature control
  • Small sizes that can easily be placed on patios, apartment balconies, boats, and kitchen counters

The Electric E250s Pedestal Grill with Patio Base & Shelves

If you’re looking for the complete stand-alone grilling package, the E250s is a fine choice. The base gives you the option of grilling poolside or in other fun outdoor locations. All you need is an extension cord!

Any good grill master knows that using outdoor electric BBQ grills without enough counter space can make cooking frustrating, and you’ll be pleased to learn that the E250s has two built-in side shelves. This gives you a convenient spot to set your raw food, your cooked food, your utensils, and your spices. Whether you want to cook for two or two dozen, the big heating element will give you all the room you need.

The Electric E250T Table Top Grill

This is the small electric grill for those who like to cook out at a variety of different locations. Are you heading up to the cabin for the weekend? The stainless-steel E250T is easy to bring along. Do you have a friend with a swimming pool but no BBQ? Grab your E250T, head on over, and combine your resources to have the get-together of a lifetime. Thanks to electric BBQ grills, outdoor gatherings can happen with spontaneity.

The E250T can be set on any flat surface, including tables, countertops, bricks, stone, or concrete. It comes with a built-in thermometer, 16-gauge stainless-steel flavor grids, and a double-walled lid to make efficient use of heat.

Easy Maintenance for Your Electric Grill

Another great thing about going with an outdoor electric BBQ grill is the low amount of required maintenance. Compared to other varieties, outdoor electric BBQ grills are easy to care for. They can be cleaned with soap and hot water after use. It only takes a few minutes, and then your grill will be ready to use again whenever you like. Stainless-steel grills are used by professional chefs because of their quality and easy maintenance.

Starfire Direct: Let Us Help You Get Cooking

Our company is dedicated to providing flawless customer service. A proud leader in the hearth and fire market for over seven years, Starfire Direct is proud to offer a huge selection of quality-made gas, electric, and charcoal BBQ grills. Don’t wait to start enjoying wonderful cookouts with the people you love. If you’re interested in purchasing an outdoor electric BBQ grill, but you aren’t sure where to begin, please contact us today. Our staff is waiting to answer all of your questions.