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  • A Brief Outline of the Most Popular Fire Pits and Why You Want One

    fire pit setAll across America, homeowners are discovering how easy it is to extend their indoor living space to encompass the great outdoors with the simple addition of a propane fire pit set. Whether you use a portable fire pit and move it around from gazebo to deck to swimming pool, or whether you permanently install a fire pit table on your patio where you entertain your guests all year long, you'll appreciate how a Starfire Direct outdoor fire pit draws your family and friends out beneath the stars for drinks, conversation and fellowship. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and appearances, utilize different fuels, and can be portable or stationary. Some of the more common types of fire pits are listed below.

    Custom Fire Pit

    If yours is a particularly unique backyard or patio, and/or if you have a clear picture of the precise design you'd like, it can be built to your specifications. Custom shapes and designs are available, and interior propane piping can be fitted to any design. Whether you want a unique design for the centerpiece of your outdoor garden room, or just want a fire pit set designed to match your patio bricks, if you can conceive it, it can be built.

    fire pit setWood Burning Fire Pit

    This is the fire pit set for the traditionalist! Some people just love the sight, sound and scent of a genuine wood fire. Yes, wood fires require wood to be cut, split and seasoned (or delivered), and they generate a certain amount of ash and debris that must be periodically removed. However, all of this is part and parcel of their joy for at least one subset of fire lovers. Plus, with a wood fire you’ll never worry about running low on gas or propane, or about broken fuel lines and the like.

    Gas Fire Pit Set

    Fire pits can be engineered to burn either natural gas or propane, and in some cases, to use a hidden liquid propane tank that saves all of the expense of installing a gas line! Portable pits as well as permanent installations are available, and can burn lava rocks, ceramic logs, or any of the sizes and colors available of the ever more popular and stunningly beautiful fire glass.

    Fire Pit Table

    Without a doubt, one of Starfire Direct’s gorgeous fire pit tables makes a statement. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes, they effortlessly create an atmosphere that draws people together, time after time. When yours is the house on the block that has a fire pit table out in the garden, it is also the place where everyone wants to gather!

    Starfire Direct's fire pits come in a variety of materials -- copper, steel, stone, aluminum -- and are sturdy and made to last. Regardless of the size, type or style of fire pit set you choose, you're certain to enjoy using and sharing such an exciting extension to your interior living space!

  • Finding the Right Location for Your Agio Fire Pit

    outside fire pits Outside fire pits are the most requested design feature in landscaping today, as reported by the American Society of Landscape Architects. It's easy to see why this is the case as a quality fire pit adds a nice decorative touch to any area, the pit helps to extend the outdoor living season, and the cost is less than one might think. Whether one chooses to make use of a propane fire pit, once connected to the home's propane supply, or a portable fire pit making use of wood, the location of the fire pit is of importance. What should you consider before having a fire pit installed?

    The Right Space

    First and foremost, you must choose a large open space for outside fire pits to ensure flames and sparks can’t reach any combustible materials. In addition, the area must be level and exposure to wind needs to be factored in. Consider other architectural and landscape features that you may wish to highlight and enjoy when making use of the fire pit. Many choose to place the pit near social areas of the yard to enjoy it even more, but local building codes may limit choices. Be sure to check the laws and codes in your area before making a permanent fire pit installation.

    In addition, you must determine the size of the pit to be installed. Once this has been decided, you can make a paper model of the fire pit and consider seating arrangements around the pit, or any other architectural features you would like to place in nearby areas. When making these decisions, try and think about how a group of guests will feel in the space. You may wish to have seats that can be moved so some can sit closer to outside fire pits while others can sit far away. Others find they prefer built-in seating, but this can lead to some guests feeling more of the heat than others, sometimes uncomfortably so!

    Find the Right Fire Pit

    Once you have a better idea of where you will place the fire pit and how you will arrange seating, you are ready to choose from our outside fire pits. Many decide to go with an Agio fire pit for the affordability and handsome styling. An Agio fire pit is sure to add a sweet touch to any outdoor living area. When choosing your pit, be sure to consider features and accessories that you might like. You may wish to have a pit that is fire glass compatible, or one that comes with seating included. No matter which model you ultimately choose, your agio fire pit will be a beautiful addition to your yard.

  • Choosing a Patio Fire Pit That Meets Your Needs

    In theory, shopping for a patio fire pit seems like it should be a very simple matter. After all, these are items that have acquired the image of being something very utilitarian and basic. The process becomes more exciting once you see the amazing range of designs and styles of fire pits on offer. If you thought shopping for fire pits would end up being dull due to a lack of variety and options, you'll be delighted by the range of possibilities on the market and the ways they make it easy for you to pick something that perfectly complements your other outdoor features.

    Types of Fuel

    patio fire pit If you love a rustic and natural approach, you can buy a wood-burning fire pit. This is the best choice for those who want the smell and general atmosphere of a “real” fire. It is important, though, to consider the convenience and practicality of other options. You can opt for a propane fire pit, whose propane fuel tank is easy to refill or replace. These fire pits simplify the process of lighting a fire, breaking down a fire, and cleaning your patio fire pit.

    If you're willing to go through some additional installation, or perhaps hire professional help, you can use an adapter to hook a unit up to a natural gas line. This can be nice if you're planning to permanently install a fire pit. On the other hand, keep in mind that you're giving up some portability by tying it to a fixed line.

    Portability Needs

    How much portability you want is another major consideration. There are wood units that can be moved around easily, though you'll have to be willing to do some work moving the fuel to where you want to burn it as well. A propane-based portable patio fire pit, on the other hand, is usually built with the fuel tank tucked neatly inside the unit. This means much less fuss when moving the unit around. Which approach works best depends on whether you want to be able to enjoy your fire in multiple locations around your home. You may even just want to be able to move it out of the way entirely at times, so you can use the space for other family activities. Planning ahead to accommodate this need could make your life a lot easier.

    patio fire pit Versatility

    despite design innovations and options, a patio fire pit is still a relatively simple device: it allows the building of a fire in a contained space. If you want a unit that can do more, though, you could also opt for a fire pit table. These fire pits incorporate a table surface to better facilitate eating and socializing around the fire. That makes them a comfortable gathering place for family meals and also a great spot to get a little work done while enjoying the warmth and comfort of a fire.

    There is no single choice that's going to be perfect for every household. You should take a good look at how you want to lay out your living space and what you would like to do with it, so you can feel confident that you are investing your money in something that is going to improve your life.

  • Fire Pits Can Be Stylish

    best fire pits There are few things more thrilling to children than the sight of a fire. Whether it's in a fireplace indoors or a bonfire outside, there's something about the dancing light and the thrill of mild danger that draws them in. As people grow older, though, most of them come to feel that actually having fire pits is too troublesome and unattractive to be worthwhile. There are plenty of products available through Starfire Direct, though, that show that you can enjoy the ambiance of the best fire pits that are beautiful and don't require a lot of fuss.

    Minimal Upkeep

    Actually building a fire with wood takes enough effort that it's a wonder that our ancestors found time to do anything else. It's critical to maintain a steady supply of wood for when such a fireplace is going to be used, and to have good skills when it comes to getting tinder started and then coaxing the tiny flame into growing and grabbing onto increasingly larger pieces of fuel.

    The experience of having a propane fire pit is entirely different from this. The technology is very similar to a propane grill, in the sense that it releases small amounts of flammable gas over time from a tank. The gas burns as it comes out, creating a lovely little fire that you can start up or put out in a matter of moments and without difficulty. Keeping the fuel supply going, meanwhile, is as simple as trading in your own propane tank for a fresh one periodically at a local store.

    Maximum Style

    As more people have wanted to take full advantage of the outdoor living spaces around their home, products have become widely available that are both beautiful and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of ordinary weather conditions. You could get something like a portable fire pit, that you only put out when you actually want to use it. These are the best fire pits for moving from one part of a yard to another, depending on where you want to hold a family gathering.

    best fire pits If you want something with a more permanent placement, on the other hand, you could go with a fire pit table. These are beautiful dining tables that have the fire unit built directly into them. It's basically just a matter of hooking up the propane tank inside the table, and then you can sit around the fire with your family while you do almost anything from playing games to having dinner together.

    Extra Touches

    If you want to make the best fire pits into something even more special, you can add fire glass to the mix. Starfire Direct offers a very high quality product that looks like it's just broken glass, but is really carefully tempered to ensure that it will be safe for this purpose. When it's scattered around the area where your outdoor fire pit burns, it catches the light, and also some of the heat, and helps it to scatter through the area more effectively. This both improves the appearance of your setup and makes it a better source of heat on chilly nights.

  • Fire Glass Brings Magic to Your Own Backyard

    fireplace glassFire has occupied a special place in our collective consciousness for quite literally centuries. The symbol of flame stands for life, passion, and change, yet fire can also bring serenity and beauty to our lives. A fire pit, lined with Starfire Direct’s tempered fireplace glass, creates a mesmerizing display out of your fire pit, creating a relaxing, near-mesmerizing outdoor space for your and your loved ones to enjoy year round.

    What Is Fire Glass?

    Fireplace glass is glass that has been "tempered" in a process that first heats it to 1148 degrees Fahrenheit, before cooling it rapidly in a technique known as "quenching." After tempering, the glass withstands a greater amount of pressure before breaking, and when it does break, shatters into small "pebbles" that are less likely to cause injury than large shards of non-tempered glass. Fire glass is deliberately broken prior to use, tumbled to remove any sharp edges, and is brilliantly colored and highly reflective. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small, 1/4" inch pieces, to 1/2" and even larger, chunkier pieces. The smallest fire glass tends to have a more dramatic effect and appears richer in color.

    A Burgeoning Selection

    Fireplace glass comes in a virtually unlimited array of jewel-like colors. It is used today primarily as an alternative to the outdated gas logs and lava rocks of previous generations, traditionally used in natural gas and propane fireplaces. Instead of those dark foundations, today people marvel at the startling beauty of flames breaking through a swathe of sparkling, shattered glass, reminiscent of a bed of gemstones. Fire glass stores heat even as it reflects the fire in thousands of tiny surfaces. High-end public places such as hotel lobbies and five star restaurants make frequent use of fire pit glass and, increasingly, homeowners have fallen for the color and brilliance fire glass adds to their home patio areas.

    Fireplace Glass and Your Fire Pit

    fireplace glassA fire pit full of flame and glittering glass, set beneath the stars, turn a backyard into a private retreat for your family and friends. Indeed, in milder climates, fire pits can often enjoyed year round! Because fire glass fire pits come both as permanent installations and portable units, it’s now easier than ever to have a fire pit that meets all of your particular needs. Install a permanent fire pit or table as a centerpiece to your patio, or purchase a portable pit that you can put away when the season makes it impractical. Best of all, either configuration supports fireplace glass, allowing you to make your fire pit truly your own.

  • Fire Pits Can Make Your Patio Into Your Dining Room

    best fire pit When everyone in a household is feeling rushed, family dinners tend to be the first thing to go. It's difficult to gather everyone at once for a solid block of time where they do nothing but sit and talk with one another. And even once everyone is corralled at the table, then comes the fight against electronic distractions, like emails and text messages. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to change the environment around a little. Turning your patio into an extra dining room with the best fire pit can make a big difference.

    Trying a New Space

    Breaking a habit is always hard, and it's particularly rough when you have to try to do something entirely new in the same old space. That's why you might go away on a vacation and relate to each other in very different ways, but fall right back into the same old routine the second you come home.

    Some families are choosing to install a fire pit table on their patio to create a beautiful and functional dining area in a part of their property that they don’t use very much. It's a great way to turn unused space into something really special. At the same time, you can use the best fire pit options we have as an opportunity to create a family gathering place where there are special rules around mealtime that ensure that people actually talk and interact, rather than shoveling the food down as fast as possible before moving on to something else.

    Surprisingly Simple

    best fire pit This doesn't take a lot of complicated installation work. You can get a propane fire pit that allows you to run it off of a standard 20 lb. tank that you can buy almost anywhere. This means you don't need special pipes or anything like that to support the best fire pit tables, and you can actually move the table around if you decide that your first choice with placement wasn't quite right.

    Maintaining such an outdoor fire pit is equally simple over time. The fire only burns when you want it to, and you can turn it on and off on demand without a lot of fuss. Getting more fuel is just a matter of buying a new tank whenever you happen to need it. Since these are routinely sold at local stores for use in barbecue grills, it's always easy to find one when you need it.

    Special Memories

    There are certainly times when the kids truly have to do a lot of homework or get to an activity. There are also times when parents have no choice but to bring home some extra paperwork. In the grand scheme of things, though, families need chances to be together and to build the kind of happy memories that will bond them for a lifetime. A portable fire pit is a small investment to make, but you'll be shocked by how far the best fire pit can go when it comes to grabbing someone's attention and getting them to actually focus on the moment.

  • Factors to Consider When Researching Fire Pits

    outdoor fire pit tableFire pits continue to be a popular item among homeowners, oftentimes seen as a way to enrich a backyard or patio area. Many factors need to be be considered when purchasing a fire pit or outdoor fire pit table, however. Make sure you’ve done proper research on a fire pit before you buy, to ensure that your fire pit has all the features you want, and complies with safety regulations in your area. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the outdoor fire pit which is right for your needs.


    Where will the fire pit be located? You need a flat area, one that is far enough away from structures and combustible materials. In addition, you'll want to have an area large enough to accommodate seating around the fire pit. Try to calculate how many people you think will be using the pit at one time and plan for this many seats along with a few extra. Do you want an outdoor fire pit table or other accessories? Accessories usually add to the space needed for the fire pit, and you also need to consider the fire pit’s proximity to a water source of other fire safety resource. You’ll want a hose or fire extinguisher handy for any emergency situations that might arise, so make sure the closest one isn’t on the other side of the house.

    outdoor fire pit tableMaterial

    Fire pits come in many different materials. Your goal when selecting your fire pit is to find one that blends in with the surrounding landscape. Budget may play a role in the material you choose for your fire pit, but consider a number of options, and choose the one you feel works best with your space. All of our fire pits are durable and made to last, so if you see an outdoor fire pit table you like, you won’t have to worry about its lifespan based on the material. Make a purely aesthetic material choice, and let us worry about providing you with the quality fire pit.

    Energy Source

    Fire pits come in many varieties. Will you be hooking the fire pit to an existing natural gas or propane line connected to your home? If you don't already have a line of this type, are you willing to add one, at your expense? If not, you'll need to consider a wood or coal fire pit rather than one powered by natural gas or propane, or a pit with an internal fuel tank. In addition, when choosing an energy source, you need to decide if you will be using the fire pit for cooking. For those that plan on using their outdoor fire pit table to cook, keep in mind that the type of fuel used influences the flavor of the food.

    These are just a few factors you'll want to keep in mind as you go to make your fire pit selection. The goal is to find a fire pit you love and want to use on a regular basis. Anything less and you are wasting your money. We hope we have been helpful today, and we look forward to helping you with your fire pit sometime in the future!

  • Fire Pits Are Easier To Enjoy Than You Think

    backyard fire pitThere's something about fire that's attractive to almost anyone. It's a very primal reaction that draws people closer to enjoy its warmth and its light. Most people, though, assume it would take a lot of effort to be able to enjoy that on a regular basis. After all, the classic version of a fire is one that involves starting with burning small things and working your way up until the fire is strong enough to actually burn through larger objects like logs. If you want the experience without the hassle and extra work, though, you can get it by choosing a propane backyard fire pit.

    Instant Fire

    One of the best things about going with a propane model is that you can basically have a fire on demand any time you want it. Admittedly, you do have to make sure there's some fuel in the tank to burn. Beyond that, however, these units are designed to flip on and to start burning at once. If you need to put them out, it can be done just as easily. You get to enjoy the experience exactly when you want to do so, and stop just as easily. For people who don't have a lot of time or patience to expend on an extra chore, this can make a big difference.

    Simple Maintenance

    A major reason people who do have traditional wood-burning fireplaces don't use them is that they don't want to deal with the maintenance that comes with it. You have to keep heavy and large pieces of wood on hand for them to burn. You have to clean the old ashes out periodically. It's also important to make sure the path the smoke follows out of the home remains clean and clear. If this isn't done, it can lead to toxic smoke and gases getting backed up into the home. Perhaps even worse, flammable materials can gather in the flue and can catch fire, creating a very dangerous situation.

    backyard fire pitBy comparison, something like a backyard fire pit is exceptionally easy to use and to look after. You do have to replace the fuel tank periodically, but those are often the same types of tanks you would use for an outdoor grill. Because of this, fuel is often easy to get at the local grocery or hardware store. The gas itself burns very cleanly and doesn't leave any solids behind that could become a flammable hazard. Since a portable backyard fire pit is usually set up outside, you don't even have to worry about gas accumulating inside your home or in a space enclosed enough that it could become a health hazard.

    A backyard fire pit is a great addition to any home, and the ones that use propane allow you to enjoy all of the benefits while avoiding the vast majority of the fuss. You can even opt for something like a fire pit table that combines this with the sort of dining table you would probably want to have out on your patio for nice days. This is a great way of combining your desire for fire pits with another item you already need, to save on the total amount of money and space you use.

  • Fire Pits Can Be A Beautiful Centerpiece For Your Yard

    fire pit table set There aren't many things with the name "pit" that are particularly attractive. In fact, it's the sort of word typically only used to describe things we'd rather not think about, let alone spend a lot of time around. There are some exceptions, though. If you would never dream of buying an fire pit table set just because you care too much about making sure the outdoor living spaces around your home are beautiful, you should take another look at what designers have managed to do to turn them into the sort of beautiful centerpiece you'll be proud to show off to your friends.

    One Name For Many Designs

    When the term "fire pit" is used, it doesn't necessarily have to refer to something like a hole that was dug into the ground to build a fire safely. In fact, it's often used as a category of pieces of furniture. If you want something really elegant, for example, you should look for a fire pit table set. These are units that are basically just attractive tables that happen to have the equipment built in to start a propane or natural gas fire at the center of them. It's a great way to make the most of your space while also not having anything too obtrusive around when you don't want to use the fire feature.

    No Need For Extra Clutter

    Part of the reason people are often hesitant to set up a place for fires is that they don't want to deal with storing the fuel. If you were going to actually burn wood, you'd have to keep a pretty substantial quantity of logs on hand to make sure you always had plenty ready when you need it. After all, most people don't live in places where you can just knock down a tree as needed, or pick up a few logs at the corner store. When you get a propane fire pit table set, on the other hand, you'll have exactly that convenience. You can run them off of the same types of tanks you would buy for a backyard grill. Plus, they can easily be stored out of sight rather than needing to be in a large pile.

    Move It As Needed

    fire pit table set Of course, if you're lucky enough to have a lot of outdoor space available to you, you might not always want to have to sit in the same spot to enjoy the warmth and light of a fire. That's when a portable fire pit is the perfect choice. For this purpose, you'll likely want to stick with propane options rather than using a natural gas adapter, so you don't have to worry about being connected to a gas line. These are fire pits you can move around depending on what spot currently offers the best view or simply to stay in a more sheltered area if the weather isn't looking very agreeable.

    While they appeal to a rustic ideal of spending time outdoors, fire pits can also be beautiful and elegant. Don't dismiss them as a decorating option until you see some of the amazing fire pit table sets that are available. Once you've picked out something you like, you can even choose from a wide variety of upholstery options and other details to refine it into exactly what you want.

  • Fire Pits Expand the Use of Outdoor Areas

    Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to expand their living space, and incorporate new ideas for entertaining and relaxing. Currently, one of the largest trends in home improvement is the maximization of outdoor space. Yard spaces are often wasted, seeing little use, and many homeowners see the opportunity to do more. Design experts recognize the potential for under-used yard areas, and routinely suggest homeowners make better use of outdoor space by improving deck or patio areas and installing items like spas, pools and fire pits.

    outdoor fire pit What Fuels Do Fire Pits Use?

    Outdoor fire pit fuel options are generally grouped into three types - wood burning, LP fired and natural gas fired. Each fuel type has unique advantages and disadvantages, dependent on the setting and use. For example, not all models can be moved, and installation and maintenance costs vary between fuel types, and even between comparable outdoor fire pit models.

    Wood burning fire pits offer the ambiance of a campfire in a contained space. It’s hard to deny the appeal of a crackling, sweet-smelling wood fire. However, not everyone likes to mess with cleaning up after the fire or deal with cutting or buying firewood. However, if you’re after that genuine smoky smell and ambiance, there is no substitute.

    Natural gas is a popular option, as a gas fire pit can be easily turned off and on. Natural gas is clean and convenient, and should be considered in areas where service is available. Natural gas is not without its disadvantages, however. First, installing gas lines can be expensive, depending on where the outdoor fire pit is to be located. Second, gas lines mean lack of portability. Once a natural gas fire pit is installed, it must remain in that location.

    The last fuel option, LP gas, is arguably the most convenient fuel type for an outdoor fire pit. A propane fire pit is easily moved from place to place, as the fuel is stored in a tank kept in the base of the unit. Many people value having a portable fire pit, as it simplifies cleaning and repairing your patio or outdoor area where the fire pit is used. It also allows the fire pit to be moved to different parts of the property when seasons change or activities vary.

    What Styles of Fire Pits Are Available?

    Top providers, like Starfire Direct, offer a wide range of options, allowing clients to individualize their fire pits. Model options allow clients to select colors, base materials and finishes that make matching fire pits to home design motifs simple. Custom fire pits can also be ordered for unique spaces or when a very special design element is needed to complete an outdoor living space.

    Are Accessories Offered For Fire Pits?

    outdoor fire pit A wide variety of accessories are marketed to enhance fire pits. Perhaps the most popular accessory is an outdoor fire pit table. Fire pit tables allow users to sit near the flame, increasing comfort on cool nights and encouraging people to visit in a truly intimate setting.

    With the many types of fire pits available, any homeowner should be able to find one that meets their needs. As the trend for spending more time outdoors expands, fire pits will definitely have a place in plans for entertaining or simply enjoying the outdoors.

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