Burning Stump Fire Pit

Burning Stump Fire Pit

By Elementi
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MSRP $958.80

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Bring the elements into your entertaining space with the incredible Burning Stump Fire Pit by Elementi. This stunning fire pit combines Earth and Fire to create a truly unique fire feature that perfectly compliments any outdoor space. Whether your patio space is rustic or modern, the Burning Stump provides a connection to nature.

The Burning Stump Fire Pit is crafted of Eco-Stone, which is primarily made of Magnesium Oxide, known for its hardness and resistance to heat. Included with this fire pit is a 12" stainless steel fire ring and 23.9" stainless steel burner pan, which work together to ensure that your fire pit will produce up to 45,000 BTUs of heat. In addition to providing you with exceptional heat, these stainless steel components are CSA Standard, so you can rest assured that the Burning Stump is just as functional and safe as it is beautiful. Also included with the Burning Stump is lava rock fire media, a classic fire media type, which furthers the natural feel of this fire pit.



  • CSA Standard
  • Eco-Stone Base
  • 45,000 BTUs of Heat
  • Stainless Steel Fire Ring and Burner Pan
  • Internal Electronic Ignition with Knob Adjustor
  • Available for Natural Gas or Hard Line Propane Gas
  • Can Be Used with Propane Gas Tank (Tank Outside of Fire Feature)
  • Lava Rock Media is Included
  • Dimensions: 37" L x 41.5" W x 14.5" H

Unique and High Quality Features


The Burning Stump is made of Eco-Stone, a sturdy material whose primary ingredient is Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium Oxide is a very strong compound that is highly resistant to heat and very solid, making it ideal for creating a fire pit. This Eco-Stone base is crafted in such a way that is looks almost idential to a natural tre trunk, and weights in at an impressive 124 lbs, giving it an even more authentic log feel.




Included with this fire pit are a gauge 304 stainless steel fire ring and burner pan, which enable the Burning Stump to produce up to 45,000 BTUs of heat to keep you and your guests warm during those cold winter nights. In addition to this, this fire ring and burner pan combo is CSA Standard, a distinct certification that indicates that this product is the embodiment of safety, and is perfect for residential and commercial locations alike.

CSA Certified Ring and Pan



The Burning Stump Fire Pit is designed for use with Natural Gas or Hard Line Propane Gas, but can be used with an external Propane Gas Tank. A propane tank will sit outside of the fire pit, potentially in an unsightly location, which can draw attention away from your new fire feature. With this matching tank holder, your propane gas tank will be covered, and can easily be used as a side table that compliments your fire feature.

Optional Propane Tank Holder

Manufacturer Elementi
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