Fire Balls

Fire Balls

  1. 18" FireBalls Mixed Set

    18" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL18-A

    MSRP $314.72

    Our Price $281.00

    You Save $33.72 (11%)
  2. 20" FireBalls Mixed Set

    20" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL20-A

    MSRP $542.08

    Our Price $484.00

    You Save $58.08 (11%)
  3. 24" FireBalls Mixed Set

    24" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL24-A

    MSRP $461.44

    Our Price $412.00

    You Save $49.44 (11%)
  4. 30" FireBalls Mixed Set

    30" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL30-A

    MSRP $620.48

    Our Price $554.00

    You Save $66.48 (11%)
  5. 36" FireBalls Mixed Set

    36" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL36-A

    MSRP $1,083.04

    Our Price $967.00

    You Save $116.04 (11%)
  6. 42" FireBalls Mixed Set

    42" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL42-A

    MSRP $1,340.64

    Our Price $1,197.00

    You Save $143.64 (11%)
  7. 48" FireBalls Mixed Set

    48" FireBalls Mixed Set

    Item: BALL48-A

    MSRP $1,730.40

    Our Price $1,545.00

    You Save $185.40 (11%)
  8. 24" FireBalls Set

    24" FireBalls Set

    Item: FB24

    MSRP $418.88

    Our Price $374.00

    You Save $44.88 (11%)
  9. 4" Steel Ball Ornament Set

    4" Steel Ball Ornament Set

    Item: OPT-SS7

    MSRP $389.00

    Our Price $303.42

    You Save $85.58 (22%)

Express Yourself

We have a diverse selection of fire shapes that allows you to define your specific tastes. Choose a mixed set of various sizes to exemplify variety inside your flames. Check out our Real Fyre four-sided geo diamond fire shapes in different sizes and colors, such as ivory, slate, and terracotta. Consider the cone gas fire shapes for something zaney, or the geo dome fire shapes for something more classic. Enjoy an eclectic look with the obelisk shapes or a more vintage appearance with spheres in the color of your choice. 

Your home is the product of your individual tastes and expressions. Fireplace balls, fire pit balls, fire balls, and other fire media from Starfire Direct, allow you to present your identity and originality to all you invite into your home. Grant your fire bowl the right aesthetic to make it stand out.

Thanks to the affordability of the gas shapes from Starfire Direct, you can also mix and match among the different fire shapes yourself. The creativity in the appearance of your fire system is limitless.

Durable and Long Lasting

The fireplace balls from Starfire Direct are made to last. Constructed from high quality ceramic engineering, the fire pit balls are resistant to chipping and breakage, and can handle any temperature within the flame. This makes fire balls appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Many of the fire shapes from Starfire Direct also come with lifetime warranties, exhibiting our confidence in our product’s longevity.

Contact Starfire Direct

The staff at Starfire Direct is happy to put their expertise to use in answering any questions you may have about our fire media or any of our other products. We are available Monday through Saturday at our toll free number (866) 578-8538, by email at, or during business hours, Monday through Saturday, with our online chat service. We take pride in our customer service and look forward to helping you decide on your fire system needs.