Star Wars™ TIE Fighter Portable Gas Grill

Star Wars™ TIE Fighter Portable Gas Grill

By Broil Chef
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Whether you're a supporter of the Empire or the Rebellion, the Star Wars™ TIE Fighter Portable Gas Grill is a versatile addition to your cooking arsenal.  Designed after one of the most well known and iconic Imperial fighters ever caught in a space battle, this TIE Fighter grill features sleek lines and impressive fire power.

Its Cast Aluminum body makes it easy to transport between your own backyard grilling space and your friend's house, and its Cast Iron cooking grid ensures that every patty and dog is grilled to perfection. The "eye" of this propane fueled Star Wars™ grill boasts 220 square inches of cooking space, with two shelves on either side to hold your cooking utensils, meats, and other grilling supplies. A custom TIE Fighter analog thermometer is included in the grill to make monitoring a breeze. The TIE Fighter Grill's Stainless Steel burner is capable of up to 10,000 BTUs of heat, a true testament to the power of the Twin Ion Engine that fuels this Starfighter in Star Wars™. An Electrical Pulse Ignition offers a quick start to this Star Wars™ BBQ grill and ensures that you'll never miss a moment of the party.



  • Ships in 1-2 Business Days
  • CSA Approved
  • Uses Propane Fuel
  • Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 220 Square Inches of Cooking Space
  • Dimensions: 37" L x 17.75" W x 15.75" H



The Fighter Grill



To maximize the flavors of the foods you grill, this portable grill goes above and beyond by including a Cast Iron cooking grid. Professionals and hobbyists alike know that Cast Iron is ideal for grilling because of its unique ability to retain heat, evenly distribute that heat, create better grill marks, cook faster, and last longer. And this grill's grid features an inverted Star Wars™ logo that will sear the design into your meats!

Cast Iron Grid



On the top of each TIE Fighter Grill is a tri-colored analog thermometer with a detailed white line drawing of the classic TIE Fighter. Surrounding the fighter in both white and neon green are degrees in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, along with a neon green arrow, to make monitoring the interior heat of your grill a painless task. Easily maintain the heat inside of your grill, without opening the hood to check the temperature.




Gone are the days of using matches to light your grill! The TIE Fighter Grill offers the quickest ignition with this push-button style system, which uses a single AA battery. To ignite your grill, simply turn on your propane fuel and push the ignition button on the right side of the grill. No hassle, just the quickest ignition available in this universe.

Push Button Ignition



A regular grill just doesn't cut it for fans of Star Wars™, so this grill is completely modeled after the infamous TIE Fighter of the Imperial Empire. Every sleek curve and detail of the grill is a direct reference to the well-known silhouette of the "Eyeball", which is sure to draw the envy of your fellow fans. At the base of the grill, an Imperial insignia can be found in front of the easy to remove grease tray, to pull the whole design together.




In addition to the grilling power and sleek design of the TIE Fighter Grill, this Star Wars™ merchandise is also a collector's piece. A Stainless Steel Certificate of Authenticity and an eight pack of Collector's Cards are included with the Starfighter. These cards feature seven of the most well-known and beloved characters, as well as a card of the grill itself.

Collector Set



TIE Fighter Dimensions

Star Wars Logo

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